“…It has such a vibrant and life-affirming quality to it, it reminds me there still is wonder in the world and reason for optimism.”

JM, Client, Toronto, ON


“It cheers me up when I walk into the room and look at it. With each year that passes I enjoy it more and more; it becomes more enjoyable and 

precious  with time.”

Shairl Honey, St. Albert, AB


“people’s first reaction is “ WOW!, where did you get that?” 



“And he still has the same effect on me as when I first laid eyes on him. He makes me smile every time I look at him. The colors are cheerful, he’s still contemplating the bird on his tail and he’s part of  the family now!”

J&AM, Edmonton, AB


“It is very unique and people that see it always comment on that.”

 Carole-Anne and Mark Nagus of 

Kincardine Ontario.

What Others Are Saying About Cindy's Art

You Can't Handle The Truth, 30x36, Oil on Canvas SOLD, J&M, Edmonton, AB

Romeo, 30x36, Oil on Canvas SOLD Liv, Edmonton, AB

Parlour of Day Dreams, 30x36, Oil on Canvas

SOLD, Suz, Edmonton, AB

Yellow and Red Moments & Swing It, 6x8, Oil on Canvas SOLD, T & B Mardon, Kelowna, BC

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