Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced 


First Classes:

- Paint, for your your FIRST few classes you will only need 2 colours, titanium white and raw umber paint.

- Palette of your choice but if you are not ready to buy a palette you can use disposable palette paper.

- Brushes, good quality hog bristle FLATS (a good brand is H. J. or similar quality). Sizes 12, 10, 8, and 5 and 3. Trust me when I say that cheap brushes will make painting difficult.

- Thinner for cleaning brushes, #125 NeutralThin Odourless Thinner or Gamsol. 

- Rags, paper towel or blue shop towels for wiping/cleaning your brushes. 

- One to two 8x10 or 9x12 canvases or panels.

- Table top easel.

- A photo will be supplied but feel free to bring your own, it should be very simple subject matter. 

- Cardboard box or wet painting carrier to carry your wet painting home

- Notebook and pencil for taking notes

- Sketchbook


Colours for subsequent classes: 

PAINT - Cadmium yellow OR cad yellow light, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson permanent, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue (for intense greens or turquoise), quinacridone rose or permanent rose (for pure pinks in flowers or a wider range of reds) and titanium white. 

Intermediate and Advanced:

Please bring all of the above. You will be starting with colour in your first class.

Feel free to call 780-662-3088 or email me at if you have questions.


Note on Colours

The colours listed above are the ones I usually have on my palette because they can create so many other colours. I do not always put lemon yellow or quinacridone rose on my palette, only if I am painting something very light cool yellow or the intense pink of flowers. I strongly suggest using this limited palette for 6 months to a year. It will greatly simplify the learning process about how colour works. Once you understand those colours you can expand your palette. I recommend M. Graham paint which brushes on nicely and is not stiff like some brands, and importantly for students, is a decent price. This is a good quality paint with excellent reviews yet inexpensive compared to other brands. 

My Favourite Art Supplies

- My favourite brushes are the blue H.J FLATS which are a reasonable price and good quality.

- Gamsol or #125 Eco House NeutralThin Odorless Thinner.

- My favourite palette is glass so that I can scrape the paint off with a glass scraper. Easy peasy. 

- I use old cut up t-shirts to wipe my brushes, I don't like to use paper towel, I was raised in a frugal farm household and old habits of not wasting have stuck with me!

- OFFSET palette knife for mixing paint. 

- The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I rarely wash my brushes with soap and water, I usually just use thinner but I do use The Masters for cleaning dried up brushes or paint spots on clothing. 

Pack Your Painting Supplies In Just Two Bags Or Less

Chances are you pack more brushes and paint than you need. Do you really use ALL those dozens of pigments and every one of those brushes? Make it easy on yourself and create a couple of class bags that you can bring to each class without packing fresh each time. If you are painting from photos then only ONE bag might be necessary.

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