Still Life Artists

The Still Life Set Up

- Clip-on light to light your still life, preferably with a cool daylight balanced bulb (you’ll be clipping your light to your easel and aiming it at your still life set up). 

- Extension cord in case there are not enough plug ins.

- Shadow box to prevent ambient light from various sources from creating complex shadows and highlights.

- TV tray or small side table on which to set up the still life if you are not working at a table.

- A few pieces of un-patterned fabric in different colours (you can use things from home like t-shirts etc. so don’t go out and buy fabric)

- 3 or so fruits or vegetables of your choice. - a simple vase or bottle to go with them (you can bring a selection of items to choose from)

- Sketchbook, pen and pencil for preliminary thumbnail sketches. Any old pencil, pen or sketchbook will do. 


Still Life Shadow Boxes For Painting From Life

A shadow box prevents light from overhead sources and windows from throwing multiple or unpleasant light and shadows onto your still life set up. It also provides a way to change the background and to block busy backgrounds from your view. A shadow box enables you to control the light in a way that enhances your still life and allows you to manipulate it to suit your composition and concept. There are many ways to make a shadow box from simple to the fairly complex. This page has a simple cardboard box or folding box that you can fit in a large shopping bag.

Easy folding shadow box

still life shadow box cindy revell fine artist still life floral florals flowers flower

A simple cardboard box in action. 

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