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Artsnips 13 - Better Drawing to Better Paintings

Maki's Kitchen, by Maki Shoji, Pen

A painting can have glorious colour, good composition, be lively and engaging and yet people can still detect something 'off'. That off thing is often drawing. There are many methods to improve your drawing skills but a very fun and effective method is continuous line drawing, sometimes called thread drawings. Continuous line drawing is when you keep your pen or pencil on the page and never lift it off.

I recommend doing this using pen which prevents you from even considering erasing. It forces you to really think about which lines you will backtrack to get to another part of the drawing and which lines you might backtrack in order to darken and therefore emphasize them. Notice in the examples how many lines are doubled back on themselves creating a sense of richness and aliveness.

The examples below were done using a common everyday rollerball pen and the last one using a very inexpensive fountain pen. Any subject matter will work. Look at Maki Shoji's drawing of her kitchen, I love cruising around her charming drawing looking for details.

There are many types of drawing and they are all valuable but this method has such charm and is so much fun. The important thing is to do it regularly, at least 15 minutes a day in order to see improvement.

Pete Napping, by Cindy Revell, Pen

Still Life Corner in Studio, by Cindy Revell, Pen

Easel, by Cindy Revell, Pen

My Favourite Chinese Place, by Cindy Revell, Fountain Pen or Rollerball.

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