• Cindy Revell

Artsnip 10 - Exploring to Improve Your Art

Golden Sojourn by Cindy Revell, Oil on Canvas 20x16

Recently when I was working on a whimsical painting I realized that in NOT depicting something realistically I have been able to explore and take chances that I might not take if I were trying to make something real. In taking those chances I learned a lot about colour, edges, paint quality and how the paint itself BEHAVES in different situations. The 15 minute studies that I talk about so often in our classes have a lot to do with this as well but I have to credit the role that non-realism has played in the improvement and changes in my realistic work.

The painting 'Golden Sojourn' was painted from my imagination but you can see how I have applied what I know about composition, light, colour, edges, and also how I've simplified and left out so much of what makes things really real and in the process created something with a colourful lilt of pattern and colour.

Painting styles other than realism might be something you want to explore at home for fun and to see what you get out of it.

On April 21-22 I'm teaching a whimsical workshop in Sherwood Park. Students will learn how to paint from the imagination, how to develop the imagination and create a personal whimsical painting. I can't wait! Register here.


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