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Artsnip 3 - The Value of Fast Studies

Students will often hear me talk about the value of doing small fast studies. In doing quick little studies you improve your ability to assess colour in a more intuitive manner. You will find that without the extra time to fuss and second guess yourself that you will begin to assess colour more accurately. Quick paintings help improve your brushwork, get you used to using more paint, and improve your edges. It also helps build your visual storehouse.

They should be small at first, from 6x8 to 8x10 and should take about from 15 - 60 minutes. You want to do them as quickly as possible so that you don’t get bogged down in details. The studies should be painted from life when possible. Paintings done in 15 minutes will not always turn out but that is part of the learning process. In time they will start improving. My first ones were fairly horrifying.

Above is a grouping of fast studies and one close up. I have done over 150 studies over the past few years and it has been one of the most important things I have ever done for my art. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. Thanks to Doug Swinton and Neil Patterson for the suggestion to do fast studies.

It’s a small time investment that pays off big time when done daily for a few months to a year or more. Eventually you will want to explore using larger sizes, bigger brushes etc. but for now keep them small.

If you have any questions about studies please call or email. Go paint!!

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