2007-11      Xin Yu Zheng, Portraiture & Still Life, Edmonton, AB

2007            William Rodgers, The Figure, Edmonton, AB

2007            Timothy Tyler, Plein Air, Tuscany, Italy

2007            Johannes Vloothuis, Landscape, Edmonton, AB

2006            Timothy Tyler, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

2006            Scottsdale School of Fine Art, Portrait & Still Life, Gregg Kreutz,                                    Scottsdale, AZ

2005-10       Figurative, landscape, still life, Doug Swinton, Calgary, AB

2005             Learning From the Masters, Sutton Art

2003             Oil Painting, Allan Myndzak

2002-06       Pro’s Art, Oil Painting, Edmonton, AB

1996             Advanced Illustration, Peoria, Il

1990             Illustration, Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton, AB

1987             Environmental Graphic Design, Grant MacEwan , Edmonton, AB


Selected Group Exhibitions/Juried Shows

2017              Lando Gallery, Three Person Show, Edmonton, AB

​2016              Online Exhibition, Postcard Competition, Federation of Canadian                                Artists

2016              Lando Gallery, Three Person Show, Edmonton, AB

2016              FCA Postcard Competition and Show, Federation Gallery,                                              Vancouver, BC

2016              Small, Smaller, Smallest, Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2016              From LIfe, Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2016              Group Show, Lando Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2015              Be Your Own Bird: Solo Show, Daffodil Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2014              Project Heroes: The Faces and Stories of Afghanistan,  

                       Government House, Regina, SK 

2014              Project Heroes: The Faces and Stories of Afghanistan,

                       Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre,

                       Edmonton, AB Government House, Regina, SK 

2013              Alberta Oil Painters, Scotia Place, Edmonton, AB

2012              Blooming, Daffodil Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2011              Tell Us a Story, Segil Fine Art, Old Town Monrovia, CA, Juried

2011              The Landscape-Outside In, Alberta Oil Painters, Scotia Place,                                        Edmonton, AB

2011              Abstract, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Juried

2011              Alberta Oil Painters, Alberta Lottery Fund Art Gallery, Ft.                                                Saskatchewan, AB

2010              Experimental, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Juried

2010              Small, Smaller, Smallest, Federation of Canadian Artists,                                                Vancouver, BC, Juried

2008-10         The New Reality, Smith Kramer Traveling Museum Exhibition,                                      USA, Juried

2010              Alberta Oil Painters, Johnson Gallery, Edmonton, AB

2010              The Boxn’t, The Works, Edmonton, AB

2010              Featured Artist, Candler Art Gallery, Camrose, AB

2009              Success, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Juried

2008              Alberta Oil Painters, Johnson Gallery

2008              Contemporary Realism, Trudy Labell Fine Arts, Naples, Fl, Juried

2007              Plein Air, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Juried

2007              Alberta Oil Painters, Johnson Gallery

2007              Still Life, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC, Juried

2006              Alberta Oil Painters, Johnson Gallery

2006              Small, Smaller, Smallest, Federation of Canadian Artists,                                                Vancouver, BC, Juried

2006              Best of Realism, Winstanley-Roark Fine Arts, Cape Cod, MA,                                          Juried

2006              Monochromatic, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC,                                  Juried

2005              Small, Smaller, Smallest, Federation of Canadian Artists,                                                Vancouver, BC, Juried

2005              Wet Paint, Oil Painters of America, Spot Light Gallery,

                       St. Albert, AB

2005              Fall Show, Art Society of Strathcona County, Juried


Public/Corporate Collections

2010              Strathcona County Permanent Art Collection, Sherwood Park, AB

2009              Edmonton Arts Council, ‘Alberta Avenue Streetscapes’, engraved                                  granite, Edmonton, AB

2007              Strathcona County Permanent Art Collection, Sherwood Park, AB

2005              Mural Mosaic. St. Albert, AB

2004              Strathcona Centennial Legacy Mural Project, Edmonton, AB

2009              Mead Johnson, Commission, Glenview, Il

2009              Alberta Teachers Association, Commission, Edmonton, AB



2016              FCA Postcard Competion, First Place Winner, Federation of                                            Canadian Artists, Vancouver, BC

2011              Shining Willow Award Nominee, Children’s Book Clever Rachel

2010              Artist of the Month, Highlights Magazine, Honesdale, PA, USA

2009              Nominee, Shining Willow Award, Children’s Book

                       A Sack Full of Feathers

2008              Finalist, Still Life & Floral Competition, Canadian Brushstrokes                                      Magazine

2008              Blue Spruce nominee, The Ontario Library Association,

                       Children’s Book, A Sack Full of Feathers

2007              Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon Illustrators Award-Nominee,

                       A Sack Full of Feathers

2002              Gold Ace Award, Illustration

2001              Governor General Nominee, Literature, Children’s Book                                                 Illustration, Mallory and the Power Boy

2000               Applied Arts Magazine, Illustration

1999               Golden Leaf Award, Illustration

1998               Gold Ace Award, Illustration


Selected Published Works

2015              Where Do Babies Come From, Children’s picture book,

                       Book one of a series of four, Orca Book Publishers, Victoria, BC

2013              A Button Story, A Pebble Story, Children’s picture books,

                       Annick Press, Victoria, BC

2012              Apple Magazine, Alberta Health Services, Page 62, 62, 65.

2003-15        Mom’s Plan-it Calendar, Lang Publishing, Waukesha, WI

2009-11        Room Enough for Daisy, Clever Rachel, Sack Full of Feathers,                                       Children’s picture books, Orca Book Publishers, Victoria, BC

2011              Bouki Cuts Wood The Child’s World, Mankato, MN, USA

2008              Southern Living Magazine, Birmingham, AL, USA

2006              Splenda, Advertising, Fort Washington, PA, USA

2006-07        What I Meant , What I Said, Random House, Book Covers,

                       New York, NY, USA

2005              Mama Dip’s Family Kitchen, Mama Dip’s Cookbook, University of                                  North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC

2004-07 & 2010, 2012,2013   Scholastic Canada, Children’s educational                                            books, Markham, ON

2004              Canadian Gardening, Magazine, Markham, ON

2002              L.A. Times, Illustration, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2002              Harvard Business Review, Magazine, Boston, MA, USA

2001              Washington Post, Washington, DC, USA

2000              Mallory and the Power Boy, Annick Press, Children’s picture book,                              Vancouver, BC



2015              Griwkowski, Fish. ArtPic, Edmonton Journal, Oct. 24, 2015

2015              Hayes, Scott. Artists About Town, St. Albert Gazette, Oct. 14, 2015

2014              Vrolyk, Dominque. Proud Launch of Project Heroes, Leduc-                                          Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer, Nov. 13, 2014

2014              Hayes, Scott. Project Heroes, A Touching Tribute,

                       St. Albert Gazette, Nov. 8, 2014

2014             Hayes, Scott. Fallen Soldiers’ Humanity Restored Through Portrait                               Collection, St. Albert Gazette, Nov. 1, 2014

2014             Griwkowski, Fish. Portraits Offer Tribute to Sacrifice,

                       Edmonton Journal, Apr. 21, 2014

2012              Boyd, Dale. Art Project Immortalizes Canadian War Heroes,                                          Edmonton Examiner, Nov. 11, 2012

2012              Adams, Stuart, What’s the Point of Public Art?,,                                              Edmonton’s Independent News Source,

2010              Pope, Alexandra. Portrait of a Hero, The Leduc Rep, July 2

2008              Helm, Richard. Gossip Spreads Like Feathers in the Wind,

                       The Edmonton Journal, Oct. 2008

2007              Empty Easel, Beautiful, Whimsical Still Life Paintings by Cindy                                      Revell, Online Review, Dec. 12,                                                                      

2006              Scott, Jason. Painting in the Public Eye, The Journal, Oct. 2006

2005              Jones, Susan. Full-Colour Challenge for Painters’ Group,

                       The St. Albert Gazette, Oct. 15, 2005

2001              Babiak, Todd. Two Local Talents Among Governor General                                            Hopefuls, Edmonton Journal, Oct. 24, 2001



2015              Connolly, Mark. Edmonton AM, CBC Radio Edmonton, AB

2015               Isfeld, Erin, Hidden Gem, 5:00 News, CTV, Edmonton, AB

2014               Connolly, Mark. Edmonton AM, CBC Radio Edmonton, AB

2014               McEwan, Travis. PPCLI Project Heroes, CBC Edmonton, AB

2014               Isfeld, Erin. CTV News, Edmonton, AB,  

2014               J’Lyn Nye and Mark Scholtz, 630 CHED Radio, Edmonton, AB
2014               Steinke, Gord. 6:00 News, Global TV, Edmonton, AB

2012               Steinke, Gord. 6:00 News, Global TV, Edmonton, AB

2011               Steinke, Gord. 6:00 News, Global TV, Edmonton, AB

2011               Primeau, Lesley. The Primeau Show, Corus Radio, Edmonton, AB

2011               Kelly, Megan.  Huntley Street.  Honouring Through Art, Mini                                         Documentary, Edmonton AB

2010               Primeau, Lesley. The Primeau Show, Corus Radio, Edmonton, AB

2009               Lorraine Mansbridge, Artists on Rails-Muse Cruise,

                        Morning News, Global TV, Edmonton, AB

2006               Global TV, Lorraine Mansbridge, Edmonton, AB

2001               MacLean, Colin. CBC TV, Edmonton, AB

2001               CBC Radio, Edmonton, AB



2015-2017     Weekly studio class, Sherwood Park, AB

2013-PresentThe Fundamentals, monthly workshop, Leduc, AB

2012              Still Life, Workshop, Leduc, AB

2010              Artist Talk, Centre for the Arts, MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB

2010              Workshop, Young Alberta Book Society, Bennett Centre,                                                Edmonton, AB

2003              Demonstrations, Young Alberta Book Society Tour, Edmonton, AB

2002              Demonstrations, Canadian Children’s Book Week, Illustrator,                                        Author & Story Tellers Tour, Newfoundland and Labrador

2002              Presentation, Alberta School Board, Lethbridge, AB

Gallery Affiliations/Representation

The Artym Gallery, Invermere, BC

Bezanson Art Consultant, Vancouver, BC

Candler Art Gallery, Camrose, AB

Deborah Wolfe Ltd./Agent, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Lando Gallery Edmonton, AB

Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ



Federation of Canadian Artists, AFCA
Oil Painters of America

CV - Extended

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