Cat Girl Loves Art

Early Art
childhood painting by Cindy Revell done at age 6

My mother saved some of my early art, one of which was this floral painting done at age 6. Mom's note on the back says it was my second painting. My grandmother had a green thumb and grew beautiful gladiolus, I think the flowers in the painting shown here might be glads but it's a rather long time ago and I can't be certain.

Cat facts

- One of my first words was 'kee', a baby version of kitty.


- At 9 months I loved the catalogue, books and especially pictures of cats.


- When I was about three and teaching my sister how to say her prayers (she couldn't talk yet) I finished the prayers with 'The Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens'


- One of my first teddy bears was a leopard print kitty also made by my aunt. Another favourite was a teddy-chipmunk called 'Kitty'


- We always had cats on the farm when I was growing up.

My little sister, cousin, little brother and myself. The leopard outfits were sewn by my talented Mom who made my sister and our Barbies a lot of wonderful clothing! Mom is a very creative person and there is nothing she won't freshen up with a coat of paint! She also paints beautiful watercolours.

This little leopard kitty-bear was given to me when I was just a baby. It was sewn by my artistic aunt, my Mom's older sister. His little face is sewn on with a tiny blanket stitch.

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